August 26, 2017
Dubai Desert Safari
A Life Time Experience-Desert Safari Dubai Deals
July 17, 2019
Dubai Desert Safari

The uniqueness of the Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is located in the southern portion of the United Arab Emirates and its location has a great impact on its worth as it covers the full desert area and due to its location, it attracts more tourists throughout the year. The Sand of desert is white, clear, and consists of crushed shells and different corals. There is a great part of the desert known as the desert safari in Dubai and if you want to have some thrill and electrifying experience, you must opt for desert safari. The thrilling drive starts from the 4×4 wheeler car that picks you from the pickup point. There is a lot of variety of activities you can do at the desert safari. And these activities will make you forget all the tours you had in your life.

Types of Activities in Desert Safari

Desert Safari in the Morning:

If you have a busy schedule while visiting Dubai and can’t visit desert safari in the evening, no worries. You can enjoy this splendid activity in the morning. You can do dune bashing, the journey of the wonderful camp where you can do cancel riding, and sand skiing and many more in the next 20 minutes of your journey. Morning safari varies according to the packages you select. Most of the dealers provide 2 hours package for the people who don’t want to go camping and dinner.

Desert Safari in the Evening:

If you don’t want to make your desert safari in Dubai unforgettable, you must select a desert safari trip in the evening to memorize everything for a long time. Firstly, when you visit the desert safari, you will be made to rest near the camel farm. You might get a chance to see the sunset in the ocean of the desert. And then, you can enjoy sand boring and the camel ride. You can also try the different designs of henna on your hands and feet in a desert safari tour and at the end, you can have a yummy dinner.

Overnight Desert Safari:

You can explore the nightlife of the Arabian desert when each and everyone is taking rest in their camps. You must click some pictures of the sunrise in the desert safari as it looks so satisfying, beautiful, and natural. You can also try out the traditional dresses, and henna designs. Moreover, if you like to dance, you can watch belly dancers performing on different Arabic tunes. As the nights of desert safari in Dubai are cold, you shouldn’t forget to take your blankets along with your sleeping bags.


The desert safari in Dubai is a must-to-go adventure whenever you visit Dubai. There is so much to do in the desert safari that you will never forget in your life. As the desert safari in Dubai is the place to visit again and again, I am sure you will never get bored of this place.


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