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Welcome to Adventure Planet Tourism, your premier guide to the unforgettable beauty and rich history of Hatta! Our Hatta basic package offers a carefully curated introduction to the many wonders this incredible destination has to offer.

Discover the Benefits of the Hatta Tourism Package

Embarking on our Hatta tour from Dubai is more than a day trip; it’s a fantastic and unforgettable trip into a world filled with unique experiences and stunning landscapes. You’ll enjoy the best of the full Hatta sightseeing package, encompassing the rocky Hajar mountains Hatta Dam, the mesmerizing city of Hatta Dam, and the lush greenery of Hatta Hill Park.

Our tour operators arrange your trips for pick & drop at your convenience, ensuring you get the most out of your scheduled time with us. As part of our Hatta basic tour package here, you’ll get to:

Visit Hatta Dam:

Known as the Hatta water dam, the kayaking experience through this natural spectacle is a must-see. Experience the thrill of kayaking with our Hatta Dam kayak service, an unforgettable part of your Hatta tour.

Explore Hatta Heritage Village:

Step back in time as you visit stone houses that encapsulate Hatta’s storied past.

Adventure at Hatta Wadi Hub:

This is where the action really begins. Get your adrenaline pumping with a variety of outdoor activities in the heart of the Hatta mountains.

Visit Hatta Hill Park:

Uncover the city’s hidden oasis of tranquility and enjoy a relaxed Hatta Dam lunch surrounded by scenic mountain beauty.

Visit Hatta Mountains Tour:

Our Hatta Mountain safari tour also allows you to bask in the majesty of the Hajar Mountains, offering an enriching encounter with nature.

Experience the Core Functionalities of Hatta

Our Hatta basic tour package is designed to offer tourists a comprehensive tour experience. We aim to cover the essential highlights of Hatta, from the serenity of Hatta Lake to the thrilling Hatta Mountain Tour, the age-old Heritage Village, and the scenic Hatta Fort Hotel.

For those seeking a richer exploration, we offer customizable full Hatta tours, tour deals, and the option to add visitations to Hatta Market, rocky pools, and more.

Adventure Planet Tourism guarantees that your Hatta Tour Dubai is not just a visit to Hatta village but an immersive experience. So why wait? Discover the benefits of our Hatta tour packages and embark on a memorable journey on the Hatta tour today!