Dubai Desert Safari Group

Self drive desert safari - 45 AED

Welcome to Adventure Planet Tourism, your gateway to the enchanting landscapes of the United Arab Emirates. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing sand dunes and feel the adrenaline rush as you navigate the pristine terrains of the Arabian desert on your own car safari deal. We aim to provide you with an independent desert tour where you take control of your own desert safari.

Embark on Your Self-Drive Desert Safari

Imagine the sun setting over the red sand dunes while you drive through the heart of the Arabian desert. This isn’t just any desert safari tour; it’s your self-drive desert safari. Be in command, plan your route, and experience the excitement of off-roading, all while saving bucks on this affordable safari trip.

The Services We Provide

Our services include arranging the desert safari meeting point and providing a professional driver to brief the necessary safety measures. We offer introductory lessons on desert driving and dune bashing, ensuring an exciting dune bashing experience. From Dubai to Abu Dhabi, our pickup places are convenient for everyone.

Dune Bashing and More!

Feel the thrill as you participate in dune bashing, an integral part of the drive desert safari Dubai. Along with the self-drive, also try out fun activities like sand boarding, quad biking, and camel rides.

Arabian Nights in the Desert

Post the drive; our Arabia Safari Camp welcomes you to experience an authentic desert camping night. We present live entertainment like belly dance, tanoura dance, and a fire show. Henna painting is also available for those who seek a more relaxing activity.

Arabian Cuisine and Refreshments

Taste the rich flavors of Arabian cuisine with our barbecue dinner, both veg and non-veg options, paired perfectly with Arabic coffee. Enjoy soft drinks and much more in our camp, all available at a very affordable discounted price.

Secure and Responsible

Before embarking on your self-drive desert safari, our trained marshall will ensure you’re well briefed. Also, a disclaimer waiver form will be provided at the desert connection point to ensure everyone’s safety.

Free parking at the provided location makes your desert safari Dubai trip more convenient and economical.

Whether you’re planning for fun, family, or thrill, we’re here to ensure your desert safari tour in UAE is an exciting experience filled with beautiful moments. At Adventure Planet Tourism, we believe in making your self-drive desert safari a lifetime journey. Book your most affordable safari trip now!

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