July 24, 2019
abu dhabi city tour

Top 5 Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi

Top 5 Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi- The Capital of the UAE When you are coming to the United Arab Emirates, it is necessary to visit Dubai but you can also go to Abu Dhabi as it the capital of the country. There are many exciting places in Abu Dhabi to visit and enjoy the incredible attraction of this glorious city. There are so many cultural places as well as amazing shopping malls. Visitors get attracted by the beautiful mosques and malls, however, Abu Dhabi city tour is incomplete without these top 5 places.   Grand Mosque Of Sheikh Zayed: The most attractive place of Abu Dhabi is the Sheikh Zayed grand mosque. It is must to visit for everyone coming to the United Arab Emirates. It took more than a hundred years to build this mosque with a unique design according to Islam and this design […]
August 25, 2019
abu dhabi city tour

Abu Dhabi City Tour – An Ideal Vacation Spot for Luxury Lovers

Abu Dhabi – An Ideal Vacation Spot for Luxury  Lovers. If Dubai is the heart of UAE then Abu Dhabi is surely its heartbeat. This city is an epitome of luxury and style and is thus, the center of attraction for tourists. The unparalleled beauty and charm that this city has itself speak of the magnetic effect of its tourist attractions. Let us take you on Abu Dhabi city tour today. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque It goes without saying that your visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque will be the highlight of the entire trip. The beauty, peace, and resilience of this place nourish your soul with eternal spiritual enlightenment. It effectively calms your nerves, relaxes your mind and soothes your eyes at the same time. This place is truly a symbol of elegance and grace and its supreme Islamic architecture is known to leave the viewer’s awestruck. Yas […]
September 3, 2019
abu dhabi city tour

Self-Care Tips to Visit Desert Safari Dubai

Self-Care Tips to Visit Desert Safari Dubai   Dubai is an absolute heaven for voyagers from all over the world. This place distinctively offers the best tourism services and is really well-known for its tourist attractions. Desert Safari in Dubai has its own distinct place in the hearts of the visitors. Whoever visits Dubai tries his best to enjoy this experience once. However, there are certain self-care measures that one must take before going for this exciting endeavor. Let us help you prepare for your trip to the desert land. Say Bye to Sleep Deprivation The discomfort of being in an alien land and homesickness sometimes leads to a severe state of sleep deprivation. Excitement also makes you feel restless and does not really allow you to have a sound sleep. You must not fall prey to all such things. Before going on a trip to this desert land, you […]
September 5, 2019
Dubai Desert Safari

What Haunts You Before Visiting Desert Safari?

What Haunts You Before Visiting Desert Safari?   One can never really imagine visiting a desert without any danger. When someone plans to avail any desert safari Dubai deals a number of questions come to his mind. Those questions sometimes scare him and sometimes excites him up to an extent that he stays sleepless for nights. Here are the answers to those silly questions that are making you restless. Go through these and relieve your nerves to prepare yourself for a joyful trip to a desert land. Are There Any Snakes At The Desert Safari? Desert safari is basically a traveling experience encountered in an actual desert. So, there is a possibility of seeing a real wild snake. However, no one has ever had this kind of a scary experience. Yes, people have seen snakes but only with the performers at the campsites. There is absolutely no need to worry […]
October 3, 2019
Al Dhafra Festival 2019

Al Dhafra festival 2019 in Abu Dhabi

Don’t Miss Out On Al Dhafra Festival 2019 in Abu Dhabi When people think about having unique experiences in the United Arab Emirates, they irresistibly talk about Al Dhafra festival Abu Dhabi. This is what intrigues others to plan and enjoy this festival with their families. However, most people are not aware of what this festival really is. Let us help you have an overview of the joy and fun that you may expect to have at this amazing festival. Here’s What Not to Miss at Al Dhafra Festival: This festival is organized every year in Abu Dhabi as an effort to exhibit and preserve the rich culture of the UAE. It is organized by the end of December and offers a number of exciting activities that occupy a special place in the hearts of the visitors. Various thrilling activities offered at this festival are listed below in detail. Reading about […]
October 29, 2019
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Cultural Gems You Need to Explore in Your Next Abu Dhabi City Tour

Cultural Gems You Need to Explore in Your Next Abu Dhabi City Tour Abu Dhabi boasts some of the world’s best tourist spots and destinations ranging from the opulent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the immensely thrilling Park Zoo and Ferrari World, among many others. But as great as these places are, you might often find yourself wondering what other things the UAE capital has to offer. For those of you looking for something more, here are 5 cultural gems you need to explore in your next Abu Dhabi city tour: Heritage Village Despite being widely known among tourists; the Heritage Village is a must add to Abu Dhabi city tour plan; especially if what you’re looking for is a heaping dose of local culture. A reconstructed traditional village, the Heritage Village provides a glimpse into pre-modern Abu Dhabi. You can feel yourself transported back in time as you walk […]