August 12, 2017


When you are taking great and memorable escapade, ADVENTURE PLANET TOURISM L.L.C has been tested and proven for providing quality service. As one of the most successful leading Tour Agency in the Oasis Desert of United Arab Emirates. Capturing the heart of Millions of tourist worldwide. A Tourism Licensed Company providing an excellent and unique style of service and delivers the promise of indulgence of the abundant Dubai Desert. There are tons of good reasons to join us! Efficient and Friendly Customer Service Our Expert Team will be happy to serve you anytime! Giving a friendly service is our main job that makes sure you will leave with special memories, incredible stories, and lifelong friends. Our Core belief is to make a far better adventure experience that your journey feels more like a smooth trip with your love ones. Competitive and Best Deals By giving promotional and discounted rates to […]
August 26, 2017


Tourist Visit UAE and Enjoy Their Holidays. UAE has many Attractions, its beaches, Shopping Malls, Desert Safari attracts Visitors. There are Some Reviews by our Satisfied Customers From All Around the World. Came UAE and Visited Abu Dhabi and Dubai and Desert Safari and City Tour of Abu Dhabi and left with unforgettable Memories.
July 15, 2019
Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari in Dubai

The uniqueness of the Desert Safari in Dubai Dubai is located in the southern portion of the United Arab Emirates and its location has a great impact on its worth as it covers the full desert area and due to its location, it attracts more tourists throughout the year. The Sand of desert is white, clear, and consists of crushed shells and different corals. There is a great part of the desert known as the desert safari in Dubai and if you want to have some thrill and electrifying experience, you must opt for desert safari. The thrilling drive starts from the 4×4 wheeler car that picks you from the pickup point. There is a lot of variety of activities you can do at the desert safari. And these activities will make you forget all the tours you had in your life. Types of Activities in Desert Safari Desert Safari […]
July 17, 2019
Dubai Desert Safari

A Life Time Experience-Desert Safari Dubai Deals

A Life Time Experience- Desert Safari Dubai Deals Dubai is the best place to spend your vacations as a lot of entertaining activities and also shopping malls there are worth visiting. The worth of Dubai is due to its location as compared to other cities of the United Arab Emirates. There are many places to visit in Dubai but the desert safari is the heart of Dubai. People from all over the world book desert safari Dubai deals and enjoy their leisure time in this magnificent city. When you are visiting Dubai for the first time, you must have knowledge about the best desert safari deals and cheap desert safari deals. Because opting these deals might lower your budget and increase your entertainment in Dubai. There are many online places where you can get these deals. Some of the entertaining and cheap desert safari deals are discussed below. Desert Safari […]
July 18, 2019
Evening Desert Safari Deals

Essential Tips for Evening Desert Safari Tour

Essential Tips for Evening Desert Safari Tour Are you looking for a fascinating desert safari in Dubai? What are you waiting for? Evening desert safari Deals are a thrilling experience in the beautiful sandy deserts. The desert safari gives you an authentic feel in the most satisfying manner. Evening desert trip is a synonym of luxury and entertainment in the warmth of Dubai. If you really want to memorize the trip forever, you should go for an evening desert safari. The most captivating advantage of this tour is the sunset and its beautiful sight. Evening Desert Safari The safari starts from the camp in the deep Arabian Desert with comfy coaches. The ride must be intense yet unforgettable for you. The dune bashing will add a thrill to your life with the views of valleys and hills around the dessert. The tour includes camel ride, tanoura dance, and belly dancing […]
July 19, 2019
morning Desert Safari

An Exciting Experience- Morning Desert Safari

An Exciting Experience- Morning Desert Safari Dubai is known for its thrilling discoveries and deserts. The land is mostly covered with sandy deserts. Deserts of Dubai aren’t messy, the sand is fine and clean. The most electrifying and exciting experience, morning desert safari Dubai is what you can’t miss. Running from the busy life and city, towards the heavenly relaxed and charming place is too satisfying. The desert safari allows you to satisfy yourself with mesmerizing scenery, fun-filled activities, exciting wildlife, and perfect environment. All the way in a 4 wheeler either bike or car, you head towards the desert of your choice. Desert Safari Tours The desert safari tour has so many options to go for. You can choose the time yourself for the desert trip. Some love to witness the dawn and enjoy the refreshing morning trip whereas, some opt for the evening one to avail the various […]
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